Duck enteritis virus (DEV) causes an acute and contagious infection in duck. DUCK VIRUS ENTERITIS (DVE) or duck plague is an acute contagious infection of ducks, geese and swans caused by a herpes virus. Duck virus enteritis (DVE), also called duck plague, is one of the major contagious and fatal diseases of ducks, geese and swan. Duck enteritis virus. Etiology.

Introduction. All waterfowl are susceptible and the Barbary duck is more susceptible than the Pekin. Diagnosis is based onclinical signs, pathology supported by the isolation and identification of the virus. Duck viral enteritis (DVE) is an acute contagious disease in all types of birds, including ducks, geese, and swans .DVE is caused by duck enteritis virus (DEV), which was first known as an acute hemorrhagic disease in domestic ducks in Holland in 1923 .Outbreaks of DVE were reported in many countries, including in China in 1957 . The infection is responsible for severe losses in susceptible flocks. SUMMARY. Transmission. Duck viral entertitis occurs in all areas where ducks and geese are raised. Disease & welfare. Duck Viral Enteritis (Duck Plague) confirmed in approximately 15 dead ducks in Onondaga County, New York since 4/27/18. Duck enteritis virus infects ducks, geese and swans, causing mortality rates of up to 100%. Usually seen in domestic and feral waterfowl in urban/farm pond settings during breeding season (April to June). It is not a human health risk, and is not known to affect poultry. Duck Virus Enteritis, Duck Plague. Disease guide. As per the recent taxonomic classification by ICTV, DEV has been classified into the genus Mardivirus, subfamily Alpha-herpesvirinae of the family Herpesviridae. Duck virus enteritis (DVE) is an acute, contagious herpes viral disease of ducks, geese and swans and members of the family Anatidae under the order Anseriformes. Vaccines are widely used to reduce the impact of DEV, and have recently been utilised for delivering vaccine components of other viruses such as avian influenza. A herpesvirus infection of ducks and geese diagnosed in the UK in 1972, mostly in ornamental collections, in USA since 1967, also the Netherlands and other countries. Introduction. DVE affects waterfowl species - ducks, geese, and swans. Occurrence and Economic Significance . A herpes virus. synonym “duck plague” DVE.

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