Koopamn7000 asks: Aug 9th 2010, ID #161308. Answers that are too short or not descriptive are usually rejected. A Poké Ball (Japanese: モンスターボール Monster Ball) is a type of item that is critical to a Trainer's quest, used for catching and storing Pokémon.Both a general term used to describe the various kinds as well as a specific term to refer to the most basic among these variations, Poké Balls are ubiquitous in the modern Pokémon world. The fourth generation of Pokémon games were a massive step up in terms of technology for the series. You completely misunderstood my post. I know what activates the Time Travel event, I just want to know if Celebi will be given out by Nintendo only, or if there is an in game event to catch one like in Crystal (though the GS Ball obviously wont be the trigger, as there is no data for it in game). The ball is split horizontally across the middle by a black line, into two different colors, Gold and Silver. You can only get it in a Japanese Pokemon Crystal. Pokémon Diamond & Pearl also included other new features into the game. 1) Defeat the Elite Four and Lance. most likely, because there has only been 1 event for celebi (other then the japanese Colosseum Bonus Disk) so they will most likely make a WiFi Event to …
In an interview with Masamitsu Hidaka in 2008 by the webmaster of PokéBeach, it was explained that the GS Ball was meant to contain a Celebi that was to be the star of a large arc of the Johto saga. You can't get a GS ball in Soul Silver. Take one step to the right to receive the GS Ball. Idk if there is, but to my knowledge, such a thing hasn't existed since the original games. There are two letters inscribed on the upper half of the ball, directly above the Pokémon release button, which reads "GS". The GS ball is a normal sized Poké Ball that doesn't seem to shrink like other Poké Balls do. La GS Ball (Pokébola GS en Hispanoamérica por el anime, GS Ball en inglés, GSボール Bola GS en japonés) es un tipo de Poké Ball hecha de oro por la parte superior y de plata por la parte inferior, de ahí su nombre (Gold and Silver, Oro y Plata en español). 2) Go inside Goldenrod City’s Pokémon Center. when i first played gold and got shiny gyrados he saw me through the rest of the game.hes the best:D(about team rocket they cant change them in FRLG on 5 island you battle an admin who swears to reunite team rocket tat same guy is in the radio tower during the course of GS.its part of the story and cant be changed. ... For more questions for Pokemon Soul Silver check out the question page where you can search or ask your own question. Pokemon Silver Question and Answers : Unregistered.

Answer (1 of 5): I found out that you might get it from getting the national dex done (besides event pokes) and you get an apricorn from professer oak and you give that apricorn to kurt and he makes the gs ball… how to get the gs ball . Sorry. Segunda generación. ... put the gs ball in the shrine and celibi will appear..there u will have a chance to catch it. 0. The GS Ball is a mysterious Poké Ball, featured in Generation II. Then again, it's apparently been traveling through time with Celebi, so maybe it'll help players find a GS Ball in a future event?
Add your answer. However, it was decided that Celebi would be the star of the fourth movie, so … In order to catch Celebi, follow these steps. Sometimes they include legendary pokemon from older games that may be harder to come across.

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